Jan stated “We chose Jans Creacar because their products are the best you can get. They provide an outstanding service, build high quality products and offer great Belgian hospitality when we visit their company.” You can view their mobile screens across the Benelux, Germany and UK or from their headquarters in Hoevelaken (The Netherlands).

Website: http://www.tvkar.nl

Jan Kooloos of TvkarEvent Manager

Mikaël stated “We decided to choose Jans Creacar LED Screens because of the ease of use, the reliability and the short timeframe we required to setup screens in the City. They were more than 1 million people attending this event and the trailers were the perfect option for us.“. You can view our mobile screens in Toronto (Canada), and we recently used it in the NBA Championship 2019 Parade of the Toronto Raptors.

Company website: http://www.transquebec.com

Mikaël Laporte of Trans-Québec Audiovisual IncManager

Manager Franzel Huyvaert of Transport Desmet-Naert proudly send us their picture of the delivered press lorry truck. You can view their truck on the road traveling from their headquarters in Roeselare.

Company Website: http://www.desmet-naert.be

Franzel Huyvaert of Transport Desmet-NaertManager