Movable fixed led screen 100 Km/h 14/05/2021 READ MORE Mobile Led Screen for Monaco Led box trailer - 16.5 m² 26/04/2021 READ MORE 16.5m² closed led trailer SOLAR CONTAINER 20' 60m² 07/04/2021 READ MORE Have a look at our next in line solar solution project delivered to GEOS in the Netherlands. Custom made: dolly under crane 24/02/2021 READ MORE Produced for Bogaerts Danny NEW LIGHTWEIGHT LED TRAILER 12/02/2021 READ MORE 28m² under 3500kg XL2 Triple Deck Trailer 10/02/2021 READ MORE 3 stacks of foam in one transport New Spray Booth 20/09/2020 READ MORE After 44 years , we replaced our spray booth with an 18 m long new Garmat booth built to today's safety and environmental standards. CAR LIFT with Turntable 20/09/2020 READ MORE LED screen with stage 60m² 13/08/2020 READ MORE This Trailer with a 60m² ledscreen, power generator and fully stage will be delivered for ARC Deme container ready 15/01/2020 READ MORE 2 custom made 40 ft deck supply units
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